The Ultimate Guide to Silk Filled Duvet Inserts for Luxurious Comfort

Have you ever spent the night tucked under a luxuriously soft and lightweight silk duvet, waking up feeling perfectly rested and comfortable no matter the temperature? If not, you’re missing out! Silk filled duvet inserts offer unmatched comfort and temperature regulating abilities compared to other common fill materials like down and synthetics. The breathable hollow fiber construction keeps you cool in summer but still provides warmth during colder months.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about silk duvet inserts – from how they’re made to their impressive benefits. You’ll learn how to shop for the best silk duvet for your needs and how to care for it properly so it lasts for years. We’ll also provide reviews of the top 5 highest quality silk duvets on the market right now.

Whether you’re looking to invest in your first silk duvet or replace an existing one, this guide will equip you with expert knowledge to select the ideal silk filled insert for luxurious comfort all year round!

What Exactly Are Silk Duvet Inserts?

Silk duvet inserts consist of a protective outer shell or cover filled with soft, luxurious silk fibers as insulation. The shell is usually made from breathable cotton or a cotton/silk blend. 100% mulberry silk floss or long silk strands are used as the filling.

The use of silk for bedding filling dates back centuries in China, where silk cultivation first began. Producing the incredibly fine, long silk fibers requires a labor-intensive process of unraveling silk cocoons. Today, most silk for duvets is sourced from a type of cultivated silkworm known as Bombyx mori, which spins the long filaments used to create the fluffy filling.

Silk duvet inserts provide insulating warmth between top sheets and duvet covers, just like down or synthetic fills. However, they have a distinctly lightweight, breathable feel. Unlike silk duvet covers, the insert contains the actual silk filling inside.

Silk duvet inserts come in two main constructions: baffle box and sewn-through. Baffle box features segmented pockets that keep the silk fill from shifting or clumping. Sewn-through has stitching that goes all the way through the layers, allowing fill to move more freely.

The silk fill quality is measured in thread count and momme weight. Thread count ranges from 400-600, with higher numbers indicating more lengthwise silk fibers for enhanced durability and insulation. Momme count runs from 10-25, measuring the weight per square meter. Heavier momme around 20 creates a warmer, more luxurious feel.

Silk inserts come in all standard duvet sizes, from twin to king. But their ultra-lightweight fill makes queen and king sizes easier to manage. Their cloud-like feel also eliminates that weighted, trapped feeling some sleepers get from heavier materials like down.

Top 5 Silk Duvet Inserts Reviewed

Ready to experience silk duvet bliss? Here are our picks for the top 5 luxury silk inserts on the market right now:

1. Royal Satin 100% Mulberry Silk Duvet

With exceptional construction and some of the highest grade mulberry silk available, the Royal Satin duvet offers unmatched quality and comfort.


  • 100% long strand mulberry silk at 400 thread count
  • Baffle box design with quilted silk panels
  • Lightweight at only 22 momme but warm
  • OEKO-TEX certified for safety
  • 5-year warranty

This insert scores top points for its baffle box construction, which prevents shifting of the silk fill for consistent comfort. The 22 momme weight provides medium warmth perfect for year-round use. The incredibly durable mulberry silk stands up to nightly use, maintaining its loft and insulation even after years. Handmade craftsmanship ensures the stitches and quilted panels are made to last. For those seeking the ultimate luxury in a silk duvet, this one is hard to beat.

Best for: People wanting long-lasting, consistent comfort from the highest quality materials. The investment pays off in nightly restful sleep for years to come.

Downsides: The upper end pricing reflects the first-rate craftsmanship and materials. Those on a very tight budget may find more affordable options.

Price range: $$$$$

2. Silky Dreams Premium Baffle Box Silk Insert

Boasting mid-weight silk fill and sturdy baffle box construction, the Silky Dreams duvet excels at temperature regulation and lasting quality.


  • 100% long strand mulberry silk
  • 400 thread count, 20 momme weight
  • Baffle box design prevents shifting
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Hypoallergenic and OEKO-TEX certified

With a mid-range 20 momme weight, this duvet insert provides medium insulation that adapts well year-round. The baffle box design contains the silk in neat pockets, preventing clumping or shifting. It can even be gently machine washed and dried to freshen up. Made with premium long silk fibers, it maintains consistent comfort and durability. Overall an excellent value silk insert.

Best for: People wanting baffle box construction with medium warmth suited for cool and warm weather. Easy care washing makes it ideal for allergy sufferers too.

Downsides: Lacks the opulent feel and extreme durability of higher momme weight silk. But still an outstanding mid-range insert.

Price range: $$$

3. Snowy Dreams Luxury Hungarian Silk Filling Duvet

With extra breathable Hungarian silk fill, Snowy Dreams duvets promote airflow for cooling comfort in warm weather.


  • 100% Hungarian silk floss filling -ultra-breathable construction
  • Light 10 momme weight
  • 400 thread count, sewn through design
  • Suitable for summer and tropical climates

This insert contains special silk floss filling sourced from Hungary, with fibers even finer than typical long silk. The result is an ultra-porous duvet that promotes airflow and dissipates heat rapidly. Even at a light 10 momme weight, it still insulates during cooler periods. The sewn through design allows fill to move freely for maximum breathability. Hot sleepers will love this insert year-round.

Best for: People wanting optimal airflow and cooling comfort, especially in hot climates or weather. Also great for night sweats.

Downsides: The lightweight fill lacks the opulent feel and durability of heavier silk inserts. Less ideal for cold winters.

Price range: $$

4. Heavenly Silk Pure Mulberry Long Strand Silk

The Heavenly Silk duvet insert contains the highest grade long silk strands for cloud-like comfort and insulation.


  • 600 thread count mulberry silk
  • Sewn through construction
  • Substantial 25 momme weight
  • Medium warmth perfect for most climates
  • Ethically sourced and OEKO-TEX certified

With a lofty 600 thread count and substantial 25 momme weight, this insert delivers luxurious comfort and gentle warmth. The incredibly long mulberry silk fibers create consistent, durable insulation that prevents heat loss. Though on the heavier side, the silk remains lightweight and breathable. The fill is ethically sourced and specially treated to remove irritants. Overall a premium silk insert at a lower price point than similar quality duvets.

Best for: People wanting indulgent comfort, medium warmth, and ethically sourced high quality silk – at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Downsides: Lacks the baffle box construction found in higher end options. Still, unbeatable quality for the price.

Price range: $$$

5. Dreamers Dream 100% Pure Silk Duvet Insert

For silk duvet luxury on a budget, this affordably priced insert still delivers quality comfort and breathability.


  • 100% long strand mulberry silk
  • 400 thread count
  • Light 12 momme weight
  • Quilted sewn-through design
  • More affordable price point

With 400 thread count pure silk fill and an airy 12 momme weight, this well-constructed insert offers year-round comfort. The sewn through construction allows maximum airflow. While not as lofty and insulating as pricier options, it provides surprising softness and temperature regulation given the lower price. Considering the high cost of quality silk duvets, this one lets you enjoy their benefits on a budget.

Best for: Value seekers wanting real silk comfort without the premium price tag. The lighter fill also suits warmer climates nicely.

Downsides: Lacks the opulent feel and fill power of heavier, higher count options. Still a bargain silk insert.

Price range: $

While personal preferences differ, any of these high caliber silk inserts are sure to provide restful comfort. For lasting luxury and warmth, the baffle box constructed Royal Satin is our top pick. But the Heavenly Silk, Silky Dreams and Snowy Dreams options all deliver quality craftsmanship and comfort at their respective price points. Even the very affordable Dreamers Dream insert outperforms synthetic fills.

With proper care, any of these silk duvets can last up to 10 years, making them well worth the investment in restful sleep.

Shopping for a Silk Duvet Insert

Once you decide to upgrade your bedding with a silk duvet insert, how do you select the best one for your bedroom? Follow these tips for choosing the ideal silk fill duvet for your needs and budget:

Pick the right size. Make sure to get a duvet insert that fits the dimensions of your mattress. Twin, full, queen, and king sizes are standard. For duvets, bigger is often better to prevent that trapped feeling from small duvets.

Consider the ideal warmth. Do you sleep hot, get cold easily, or need medium warmth for year-round use? The fill weight or momme indicates warmth – higher momme around 20+ provides more insulation for cold weather, while lower momme around 10-12 offers breathable lightweight comfort.

Compare construction. Baffle box duvets maintain more consistent comfort and durability than sewn through versions. But sewn-through allows for increased airflow if you sleep hot.

Assess fill quality. Look for thread count 400-600 and momme around 15-22 for the highest grade mulberry silk inserts that still feel airy and breathable.

Seek certifications. Allergy sufferers should look for OEKO-TEX certification to ensure the safest materials free of irritants. Organic silk certification guarantees ethically and sustainably sourced filling.

Compare prices. Silk duvet prices range widely. Look across sites like eBay, Amazon, and Overstock for discounts before buying.

Read reviews. Check what actual users say about factors like durability, warmth, and comfort over years of use.

Review policies. Consider brands with satisfaction guarantees or extended return windows in case you need to exchange.

Follow fabric care instructions to retain the duvet’s insulating properties and prevent damage over time. With the right silk insert choice, you’ll enjoy many years of luxuriously comfortable sleep.

Using and Caring for Your Silk Duvet

You chose the perfect silk filled duvet insert for your bed. Now you want to keep it in tip-top shape. Follow these use and care tips to get the most out of your silk duvet:

Use a duvet cover. Protect your insert from body oils and spills by using a breathable cotton duvet cover. For extra luxury, choose a silk duvet cover that allows the insert’s benefits to shine through.

Add layers as needed. On extra cold nights, adding a blanket on top allows you to adjust warmth while keeping the silk insert in place.

Fold neatly when not in use. Avoid excessive compression by folding the duvet insert into thirds lengthwise rather than tightly rolling it.

Wash sparingly and gently. Only wash your silk insert once every year or two, and always use a delicate cycle and non-detergent silk wash. Harsh detergents can damage the fibers.

Air dry or tumble dry low. After hand washing, either lay flat to air dry or tumble dry on low heat to restore fluffiness faster. High heat risks shrinking or damaging the silk.

Store properly between uses. Keep your silk duvet insert in a breathable cotton storage bag out of direct sunlight. This maintains fill loft and prevents moisture buildup.

Follow these steps and your silk duvet insert will maintain its ultra-soft feel and temperature regulating abilities for years of blissful slumber.

Frequently Asked Questions About Silk Duvets

For newcomers, silk filled duvets can raise lots of questions. Here we answer some of the most common FAQs about using and caring for silk duvet inserts:

How often should I wash a silk duvet insert?

You should only wash your silk duvet insert once every 12-24 months. Silk has natural antibacterial properties that resist dust mites, mold, and allergens. Unless you spill something on it, an annual light cleaning is all it needs. More frequent washing risks damaging the silk fibers over time.

Can I machine wash a silk duvet?

It’s risky to machine wash silk duvet inserts, even on delicate settings. The agitation can damage or tangle the long silk fibers, shortening the duvet’s usable lifespan. It’s best to hand wash silk duvets gently in a bathtub using a specialty silk detergent or mild soap. However, always check your duvet’s care label – some state machine washable if it’s specially treated.

How do I wash a silk duvet at home?

To hand wash your silk duvet insert at home:

  • Fill a bathtub with lukewarm water and a tiny amount of silk detergent or mild soap
  • Gently place the duvet in, pressing out water to evenly saturate
  • Let it soak 15-20 minutes so the soap penetrates
  • Drain out dirty water, refill tub, and rinse 2-3 times
  • Avoid twisting, wringing or scrubbing roughly
  • Drain water and gently press out excess
  • Roll in towels to remove moisture
  • Dry flat or tumble dry low

How long does it take for a silk duvet to dry?

A silk duvet needs 4-6 hours to fully air dry laid flat. Tumble drying on low takes 1-2 hours. Do not use high heat as it can damage or shrink silk. Return your duvet to its cover once completely dry to its core. Sleeping on partially dried silk can ruin it from moisture stains. Be patient for full results.

Do silk duvets keep you warm in winter?

Quality silk duvets provide decent insulation and warmth thanks to the heat-trapping air pockets between the fibers. Models with higher thread count above 400 and momme weights from 20-25 offer the most warmth for winter. The lightweight feel can seem deceiving – silk fills offer surprising cozy warmth along with their breathability.

Are silk duvets good for hot sleepers?

The ultra-breathable nature of silk makes it one of the best duvet inserts for hot sleepers. The fibers wick away sweat and allow airflow to prevent overheating or night sweats. Light and medium weight silk with lower 10-15 momme provides the most cooling comfort for those who run hot, especially with a sewn-through design.

Is silk or down better for a duvet?

Silk and down duvets have different advantages:

  • Down offers unbeatable warmth and durability but lacks breathability
  • Silk feels lighter and more breathable for year-round comfort. But lower grades may be less durable than premium down
  • Premium long-strand mulberry silk rivals down for insulation yet still sleeps cool
  • For allergy sufferers, silk is hypoallergenic unlike animal-based down

Ultimately it depends on your priorities – silk or down can both make excellent duvet inserts with proper quality materials.

How long do silk duvets last?

With proper care like infrequent gentle washing, use of a duvet cover, and proper storage, a 100% mulberry silk duvet insert can last 8-10 years before needing replacement. Lower-grade silk duvets may show deterioration after 5-6 years. But quality silk easily outlasts budget synthetics.

Why are silk duvets so expensive?

High-quality silk duvet inserts require a complex manufacturing process:

  • Mulberry trees are cultivated and harvested by hand
  • Cocoons are carefully cultivated and hand-harvested
  • Silk filaments are meticulously separated and unwound by hand
  • Strands are woven together into a fluffy batting material
  • Then sewn into the duvet outer shell

This labor-intensive process and the rareness of long silk fibers result in the higher prices of silk duvets. But it’s worth it for the unparalleled comfort!

Where can I buy an affordable silk duvet insert?

Here are some tips for finding well-priced silk duvets:

  • Check eBay or Amazon for deals on quality brands
  • Look for sales or specials from major bedding retailers
  • Buy in off-peak seasons like summer
  • Consider lighter 10-12 momme inserts which are still breathable
  • Choose sewn-through over baffle box construction to save costs
  • Compromise on thread count or momme weight – 400TC and 15MM still provides luxury

While lower momme silk lacks the opulent feel of premium duvets, you can still find great comfort at an affordable price point if you know where to look.

Enjoy Luxurious Comfort with Silk Duvet Inserts

Hopefully this guide gave you all the tools you need to find your perfect silk filled duvet insert! When chosen with care, a silk duvet can transform your bed into an oasis of comfort and temperature regulated bliss all year long. And with proper use and cleaning, it will provide cozy nights of restful sleep for years to come.

Whether you’re ready to invest in your first silk duvet or upgrade an existing bedding set, understanding the different types of constructions, fill weights, and quality markers will ensure you select the ideal insert for your needs. Don’t settle for subpar materials or bargain synthetics. Treat yourself to the unparalleled softness, breathability and gentle warmth that only the best silk filled duvets can provide!

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