Lather Up: Exploring the Soap Dispensers at Bed Bath & Beyond

Cleanliness and Convenience in So Many Styles

As I was browsing the aisles during my last visit to Bed Bath & Beyond, I realized just how many options they offer when it comes to soap dispensers. From basic plastic pumps to touchless automatic dispensers, they have a wide selection to fit any budget and match any bathroom decor.

I’ll admit, I’ve never put too much thought into soap dispensers beyond making sure they work and don’t look too ugly sitting on my bathroom counter. But now that I’m redecorating and aim to give my home a bit of an upgrade, I figured it was time to look for dispensers that make more of a stylistic statement. Off to Bed Bath & Beyond I went!

In this post, I’ll take you through some of the many soap dispensers I discovered at Bed Bath & Beyond and share my thoughts on the pros, cons, prices and more. Whether you’re also looking to upgrade your hand washing experience or just love home decor like I do, read on for the full soap dispenser lowdown!

Pumps, Push-Downs and Automatics: The Different Dispenser Types

Bed Bath & Beyond has just about every variety of soap dispenser imaginable. The first decision I had to make was what type of mechanics I wanted.

The most common style is the basic pump dispenser. These have a pump handle on top that you push down to release the soap. They’re simple to use and refill, and come in pretty much every size, color and shape possible. The main downside is that you have to use your hand to operate the pump, so they’re not as sanitary.

Next up are the push-down dispensers. Instead of a pump handle, you just push down directly on the dispenser nozzle to get the soap. Also easy to refill and use, but again, not touch-free.

If maximum hygiene is your goal, then the automatic sensor dispensers are your best bet. These high-tech options sense when you put your hand below the nozzle and use sensors to automatically dispense the soap without you touching anything. They run on batteries and tend to be a bit pricier, but they do offer the most convenience and sanitation.

I also saw a few manual dispensers that work by tipping or tilting the container to pour out the soap. These tend to have a more vintage style but are less common nowadays.

Overall, pumps and push-downs offer affordability and simplicity, while the automatics provide a more advanced, hands-free experience for those willing to pay a bit extra. I decided to go with standard pumps for my downstairs bathrooms where we just need the basics, and splurge on touchless automatics for the more high-end master bath.

Simple Plastic Pumps: The Most Affordable Options

At the lowest end of the Bed Bath & Beyond soap dispenser price range, you’ll find lots of basic plastic pump bottles. These typically cost between $5-15 depending on size.

They’re made from lightweight plastic in colors like white, black, gray or clear. The capacities range from 8 oz for small dispensers to 34 oz for large shower-sized versions.

The designs are simple, slender and cylindrical with a push-down pump handle on top. The pumps are designed to last, but eventually wear out over time with heavy use.

While very affordable and widely available, these plastic pumps certainly aren’t the most stylish. But they serve their purpose for basic hand washing needs. These are best for households on a budget or rental units where you don’t want to invest in anything too nice or breakable.

For a plain black plastic soap dispenser, expect to pay around $5-8. At 15 oz capacity, this style is well-suited for a kitchen or bathroom sink.

I bought the $7 plastic version in white for my kids’ bathroom. It’s basic but gets the job done! Though I did need to remind them not to hit the pump too aggressively or it will leak.

Stylish Molded Options for $10-20

If you want something slightly more decorative but still fairly affordable, check out Bed Bath & Beyond’s selection of molded plastic soap dispensers. These cost roughly $10-20 depending on size and style.

Rather than simple cylinders, these molded designs have more unique shapes like ovals, abstract curves and rounded edges. They come in both solid colors and two-tone combinations.

I saw oval dispensers in metallic chrome and shiny matte black that looked elegant and modern. There were also some with a copper colored pump and clean white body for a nice two-tone style.

The molded plastic makes these dispensers more visually appealing than the basic cylinders. And they’re still durable enough for family use. The $15 range offers a great value for this improved style!

I decided on the $19 glossy black oval dispenser for my downstairs bathroom. The 13 oz capacity is perfect for the sink, and the sleek black design looks much more upscale than a plain white pump bottle.

Glass Bottles and Canisters: Sophistication for $17-30

The next category up takes soap dispensers from all plastic to more premium materials like glass and metal. These glass bottle and metal canister styles range from about $17-30 at Bed Bath and Beyond depending on size and details.

The glass bottles come in clear as well as colors like brown, blue and green. I saw some with vintage inspired designs like arched panels and apothecary style labels. There are also glass dispensers with two separate chambers, allowing you to pump soap from one side and lotion from the other.

For the bathrooms with a more old-fashioned decor, I liked the look of the green glass bottles with bronze colored pump tops. At $20 for a 16 oz version, these will match nicely with the antique touches in my guest bath.

If you want a more modern look, the metallic canisters are great. These cylindrical dispensers are made from materials like stainless steel, aluminum and other metal alloys. They have a very sleek, contemporary vibe.

I ultimately went with the $30 brushed steel canister with wood accent on the pump for the main floor half bath. The wood brings some warmth to the metal design. And at 18 oz, it will only need refilling every month or so.

Ceramic Dispensers for an Earthy Feel: $25-45

Continuing up the price ladder, Bed Bath & Beyond also offers ceramic soap dispensers ranging from $25-45. These are hand-made from natural clay or porcelain.

The colors and glazes on the ceramic dispensers create an organic, earthy aesthetic. I saw tones of brown, gray, slate blue and even a speckled terra cotta style. Some also have decorative patterns for a unique artisanal look.

Sizes range from petite 8 oz versions suited for the kitchen to larger 24 oz models made for filling up in the bath or shower. Along with the ceramic base, most have metal or plastic pumps.

For a natural vibe in my upstairs bath, I found the perfect hand-thrown gray clay dispenser adorned with textured ridges for $30. The neutral tone will fit in with my decor, and the uneven glazing gives it an authentic craftspeople charm.

While susceptible to breaking if dropped, these ceramic dispensers do add wonderful rustic flair. They work best for adults or older kids who can handle them with care.

Modern Glass and Acrylic Dispensers for $25-75

In my search for master bath accessories, I came across the most stylish, designer-level soap dispensers in the $25 to $75 range. These are crafted from quality materials like hand-blown glass and acrylic.

The colored glass options I saw used gorgeous gradients of ocean blue, rosy pink and sunny yellow fused into the vessel. So stunning on the bathroom vanity! Prices ranged from $30 for smaller 9 oz versions to $60+ for larger showpiece styles.

For those favoring a contemporary look, there are acrylic dispensers with lucite-style blocks in glossy black, white and clear. These chunky angular designs command attention. The smaller 5 oz acrylic models start at $25, with the oversized statement pieces reaching upward of $75.

While pricey, these artistic soap dispensers make an impressive decorative accent. For my master bath makeover, I decided to invest in the $45 hand-blown glass dispenser in a mesmerizing indigo ombre. I can’t wait for it to become the shining star on my new double vanity!

Dispensers with Special Features: $15-100

Beyond different materials and designs, some of Bed Bath & Beyond’s soap dispensers offer unique extra features:

  • Two-in-one dispensers with separate chambers for soap and lotion, starting at $15
  • Dispensers with trays that catch drips, available in various materials for $20+
  • Extra large capacity dispensers for shower gels and bath products at $25+
  • Countertop stands for bar soap, starting at $25
  • Motion sensored touchless dispensers in plastic and metal, $50-100
  • Dispensers with replaceable cartridges that allow for easy refills, $30+
  • Dispensers made from recycled materials or bamboo for eco-friendly options priced $15-40

With all these choices, you can certainly find a specialized soap dispenser to suit any style or need! I particularly love the two-in-one lotion/soap combo dispensers for sinks where space is limited.

Key Takeaways: What I Learned

After perusing the dozens of soap dispenser options at Bed Bath & Beyond across all price levels, here are my key learnings:

  • There are styles to match any color scheme or decor, from simple white plastic to colorful hand-blown glass.
  • Prices range from $5 for basic plastic pumps to $100+ for cutting-edge touchless dispensers. $15-30 gets you noticeable upgrades in aesthetics and functionality.
  • Consider your bathroom traffic and users – opt for unbreakable plastic models in family or kid zones, and save glass for low traffic adult areas.
  • Touchless and automatic dispensers offer the most convenience and sanitation if you don’t mind spending $75-100+.
  • Pay attention to capacity for your needs – larger bottles for shower gels, smaller versions for sinks.
  • Look for opportunities to complement your overall bathroom decor, like matching a glass vessel sink with a colored glass soap dispenser.
  • Check out options like trays and two-in-one dispensers if you want added features.

With their incredible selection, you really can’t go wrong choosing soap dispensers at Bed Bath & Beyond. Take your time, browse all the choices, and you’ll find the perfect fit for your home, style and budget. Happy hand washing!

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