Finding Your Perfect Mattress Topper at Bed Bath & Beyond

Upgrading Your Sleep Surface Without Buying a New Mattress

I don’t know about you, but I love my bed. It’s my safe space where I can relax, recharge, and of course – sleep! But lately, my mattress just hasn’t been as comfortable as it used to be. The springs are getting creaky, and I find myself tossing and turning to try to get comfortable at night.

After doing some research, I discovered that a mattress topper might be just what I need to restore the comfort of my bed, without having to invest in a brand new mattress. And where better to find the perfect mattress topper than Bed Bath & Beyond? With their huge selection of mattress toppers in different materials, thickness levels, and price points, I knew they would have the right topper for my needs.

In this blog post, I’ll take you along on my journey to find the ideal mattress topper for me at Bed Bath and Beyond. I’ll share details on the different types of mattress toppers available, their features and benefitsprice rangesspecialty options like cooling toppers, and more. From memory foam to featherbeds – I’ll cover it all so you can find your perfect match! Let’s dive in…

An Overabundance of Options

Stepping into the mattress topper section of Bed Bath & Beyond was like entering a candy store – so many tempting choices! The selection of mattress toppers was truly overwhelming. They offered toppers in every material I could think of: memory foamlatex foamfeatherwoolmicrofiberdown alternativeegg crate, and more.

The thickness also varied drastically, from 2-inch slim options to ultra plush 5-inch pads. It was clear they offered something for every preference and budget. I saw basic toppers under $50, all the way up to luxurious $300+ options.

The range of sizes available was also impressive. Of course they carried all the standard mattress sizes, from twin and twin XL up to California king. But they also had toppers made specifically for RV beds, futons, and other unique mattress dimensions.

Clearly I had some thinking to do in order to choose the right mattress topper for my needs. But the wide selection was exciting because I knew I’d find something perfect for me. Now to narrow down the options…

Weighing the Benefits of Different Materials

As I browsed the many mattress toppers, I began noticing the benefits unique to each material:

  • Memory foam toppers mold to your body’s contours for pressure relief. They also isolate motion well. The downside is they can trap heat.
  • Latex foam toppers provide bounce and responsiveness. They sleep cooler than memory foam. However, they’re on the firmer side.
  • Feather/down toppers feel luxuriously soft and warm. But they’re bulky and require maintenance.
  • Fiberfill toppers give cushioning on a budget. However, they lack durability and structure long-term.
  • Wool toppers regulate temperature and resist allergens. But they’re expensive and retain moisture.
  • Egg crate toppers offer airflow and affordability. However, they don’t provide much padding.

As a side sleeper prone to overheating, the cooling properties of a latex foam topper appealed to me most. I’d be willing to sacrifice some plushness for better breathability. Now to find the perfect latex topper for my preferences and budget!

Pricing Out the Possibilities

Here’s an overview of the price ranges I found for latex foam mattress toppers at Bed Bath & Beyond:

  • Under $150 – Basic 2-3 inch toppers with minimal contouring. Great budget choice.
  • $150 to $250 – Mid-range 3-4 inch options with zoned support. Good value for money.
  • $250 to $350 – High-end 4-5 inch toppers with maximum pressure relief. Luxurious feel.
  • $350+ – Extra thick 5 inch toppers with coolmax covers. Top of the line quality.

I decided to aim for the $150 to $250 range – enough thickness to cushion pressure points, but not so thick it would feel sunk in. I also wanted a topper that would last a while, making the mid-range models the best value overall.

After looking at latex toppers in that price bracket, the Bed Bath & Beyond Advanced Sleep Solutions 3 Inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper caught my eye. It had gel infusion to help pull heat away from the body. The open cell structure improved breathability as well. And it was right in my budget at $169.99!

Going the Extra Mile for Cooling

Since sleeping hot was my main concern, I also explored cooling mattress toppers to see if they were worth the splurge. Options like the TEMPUR-Adapt + Cooling Topper use phase change material to actively draw heat away. The Slumber Cloud Outlast Mattress Pad has Outlast viscose fiber to regulate temperature. And the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover is a smart device that allows you to customize cooling levels.

These high-tech cooling toppers ranged from $249 for the Outlast topper up to a whopping $2,495 for the Eight Sleep Pod! As innovative as they sounded, I couldn’t justify spending that much extra for cooling technology. The budget-friendly latex topper with gel infusion seemed sufficient for my needs.

Weighing My Size Options

Since mattress topper size is obviously very important for proper fit, I paid close attention to the dimensions available. Fortunately, Bed Bath & Beyond carried toppers for every mattress size, from crib and twin up to California king. I measured my bed at home and double checked I was getting the right size.

For anyone unsure about matching a topper to their mattress, I suggest measuring the length and width of your mattress to confirm your exact size. Mattress depths can also vary. Make sure to get a topper at least as deep as your mattress so it fits smoothly.

It’s also good to check if your sheets will still fit over the thicker mattress with a topper added. I measured my sheet pockets and determined I still had plenty of room for a 3 inch topper before needing deeper sheets. Getting the correct size topper prevents slippage, maximizes comfort, and ensures your sheets still fit.

Seeking Out Specialty Options

Beyond different materials and cooling technologies, I found Bed Bath & Beyond also offered mattress toppers with some unique specialty features:

  • Pressure relief – Designed for sore joints, with added cushioning in the shoulder and hip areas.
  • Anti-microbial – Infused with silver fibers to inhibit bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • Waterproof – Has a waterproof barrier inside to prevent stains from spills and sweat.
  • Organic – Made from natural and eco-friendly materials like organic cotton.
  • Flame retardant – Treated with fire-resistant chemicals to meet flammability standards.

I considered an organic topper, but ultimately the specialty function I needed most was back pain relief. So I opted for the Therapedic TruCool 3-Inch King Memory Foam Mattress Topper which had ergonomic zones to reduce pressure on my shoulders and hips. At $169.99, it met all my criteria – cool, supportive, and budget-friendly!

Taking Note of Thickness Options

The last decision I needed to make was on the thickness of my new latex mattress topper. Bed Bath & Beyond had options ranging from 2 inches thin up to a plush 5 inch pad. I considered what thickness would work best:

  • 2-3 inches – Gives a subtle boost in comfort and height. Won’t affect sheets.
  • 3-4 inches – More cushioning, can soften a firm mattress. Sheets may still fit.
  • 4-5 inches – Maximum plushness, feels like a new mattress. Likely needs deeper sheets.

Since my mattress is on the firm side, I wanted extra cushioning from a thicker topper. But I was worried 5 inches might feel like sinking into a hole. So I settled on the 4 inch Bed Bath & Beyond Therapedic TruCool topper – enough to soften my bed’s firmness without going overboard on thickness.

Digging into Durability and Warranties

Long-term durability was another important consideration in choosing my topper. I wanted something that would ease pressure points for years, not just weeks. Reading customer reviews, I saw praise for how the Therapedic TruCool topper maintained its cushioning and retained its shape over time.

I also made sure to check each topper’s warranty. Many brands offer a 1-3 year warranty covering manufacturing defects. But the Therapedic topper stood out with an impressive 10 year limited warranty on maintaining its density. That gave me confidence I was choosing a topper built to last.

For shoppers wanting extended peace of mind, I suggest checking out Bankers Warranty Group. They offer up to 10 years of warranty coverage beyond what the manufacturer provides, for under $30 on most toppers. That’s a great value to protect your investment!

Trying Before Buying In-Store

Before finalizing my mattress topper purchase online, I visited my local Bed Bath & Beyond to test out some toppers in person. I wanted to get a feel for how different materials and thicknesses would feel. In-store, I confirmed that the 4-inch latex foam topper provided the cushioning I desired without sinking too much.

The staff was also very helpful in pulling off the plastic coverings so I could touch the surface of different toppers, which isn’t possible online. I highly recommend making use of the in-store samples to experience qualities like firmness and breathability first-hand.

That said, Bed Bath & Beyond does impose some limitations: only certain toppers are displayed on beds, and you likely can’t remove the topper from the display to see the underside. So I still suggest relying on online research and reviews to make your final selection. But hands-on testing can be valuable input before hitting that “Buy Now” button.

Ordering Online for Convenience

While I’m glad I took time to feel the mattress toppers in person, ordering online made the entire shopping experience much simpler. At, I could easily compare all the toppers side by side – product details, prices, reviews, etc.

Ordering was a cinch with fast shipping options. I could even select a 2-hour Pickup In Store window so I didn’t have to lug the topper inside myself! And using promo codes and member pricing brought my total down further.

Between the combination of in-store testing and online ordering, I found the right balance to make an informed mattress topper purchase conveniently. Now for the best part… taking my luxurious new latex topper home and enjoying dreamy slumber!

Delivery, Setup, and Special Discounts

After easily placing my order online, I arranged for in-home delivery so I wouldn’t have to carry my plush new 4-inch topper upstairs myself. Bed Bath & Beyond offers next day delivery in many areas, though I chose a 2-hour evening window so I’d be home to receive it.

The delivery charge ranges from $5-$20 based on your location, time slot, and purchase amount. Totally worth it for the convenience of contactless setup in my bedroom. The delivery crew took every precaution to protect my mattress and place the topper gently.

For anyone on a tighter budget, Bed Bath & Beyond does run monthly promo codes. I saved 15% off, making my total under $150. Joining their Beyond+ membership also provides perks like 20% off your entire purchase. And students get 20% off in-store with a valid .edu email address. Stack those savings for the best deal!

Enjoying Sweet Dreams Again

It’s been about a month now with my Therapedic TruCool latex foam mattress topper and I’m consistently getting the best sleep ever! Say goodbye to springs poking my hips and tossing and turning from heat.

The responsive latex cradles my body just right, with extra cushioning for my shoulders and legs thanks to the ergonomic zones. And the cooling gel infusion helps regulate my temperature so I never wake up in a sweat anymore. I almost forget it’s just a topper – it truly feels like a whole new luxury mattress!

For anyone considering a mattress topper upgrade, I highly recommend browsing the extensive selection at Bed Bath & Beyond. Take time to research different materials and specialty features to find your perfect match. Test some out in-store for a hands-on impression. Then order online and take advantage of contactless delivery. With the right topper, you’ll be catching zzz’s in maximum comfort! Sweet mattress topper dreams!

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