Finding the Perfect Sheets for Your Bed at Bed Bath & Beyond

A First-Hand Account of Navigating the Extensive Sheet Selection

As someone who loves luxurious bedding, I was eager to explore the sheet offerings at my local Bed Bath & Beyond store. I had heard they have an extensive selection of bed sheets in various materials, thread counts, and styles. My old sheets were looking worn and lacking that crisp, cool feel when you first slip under fresh linens. It was time to treat myself to a sheet upgrade.

I’ll walk you through my journey to find the perfect new sheets at Bed Bath & Beyond. From bamboo to percale and organic options, they have such a wide variety that it can feel overwhelming. But having the right information helps narrow your search. Read on for my tips and first-hand experience navigating their massive assortment of bed sheets.

Arriving to Find Rows Upon Rows of Sheet Sets

Stepping into my local Bed Bath & Beyond location, I was immediately surrounded by options. They have entire sections just for sheets and bedding. I saw aisles dedicated to specific brands, like Ralph Lauren, Ugg, and Martha Stewart. Plus areas for certain materials like sateen and flannel. Sections are also divided up by size, like twin XL and California king.

My head was already spinning trying to take it all in. But I was determined to search thoroughly and find the perfect set of sheets for my full-sized bed.

Getting Educated: All the Different Sheet Fabrics

Luckily, Bed Bath & Beyond has informational tags on each of their sheet sets explaining the qualities of each fabric. Here’s a quick rundown of the main types I saw:

  • Cotton: The most classic sheet fabric; breathable and helps moisture wick away. Different thread counts determine softness and durability.
  • Microfiber: Affordable option; super soft with a silky feel. May pills over time.
  • Flannel: Cozy for winter; made from brushed cotton for softness.
  • Bamboo: Eco-friendly sheets; made from bamboo fibers, naturally moisture-wicking and thermal regulating.
  • Linen: Durable fabric from flax plant; lightweight and gets softer over time. Wrinkles easily.
  • Sateen: Made from cotton; luminous sheen and exceptionally soft finish.
  • Percale: Tightly woven cotton; crisp, matte finish and breathable. Gets better with washing.

I was leaning towards percale for that cool, crisp hotel bed feel. But I also wanted the silky softness of sateen. This was going to be a tough choice!

Feeling the Fabrics: I Browse the Luxury High Thread Count Sections

I beelined towards the luxurious high thread count sheet selections first. This is where you’ll find buttery soft egyptian cotton, pima cotton, and premium sateen sheets with extra-long staple fibers.

I wanted to feel the difference between the regularly priced cotton sheets versus the top-tier luxury bedding. And wow – the 1200 thread count egyptian cotton was unbelievably soft and smooth! I was tempted to splurge on a $200+ sheet set.

But then I spotted a deal on Macy’s Hotel Collection sheets with a 1020 thread count in queen size for only $120. Much more reasonable, and reviewers said the quality compared to luxury brands. I flung them enthusiastically into my cart.

Perusing the Clearance: Great Deals on Popular Brands

Next, I headed to the clearance section which wasoverflowing with marked-down gems. They had discounts on sheets in certain colors or patterns that needed one last in-stock.

I scored big on deep red flannel sheets from Ugg. Originally $120, on clearance for just $60! Plus I found ultra-soft microfiber sheets from $25 for a queen set.

The clearance section is absolutely worth perusing for Bed Bath & Beyond sheets. Even high quality brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Trina Turk were all marked down.

Stopping to Feel Organic Cotton and Bamboo Options

In my quest for sheets, I didn’t want to sacrifice quality or comfort. But I also cared about buying natural, eco-friendly fabrics. This led me to the organic cotton and bamboo sheet selections.

The organic cotton felt wonderfully soft and I loved supporting sustainable materials. But the bamboo sheets were even softer to the touch! Made from renewable bamboo grass, this fabric was silky, breathable, and temperature regulating.

I was impressed by how soft the bamboo bed sheets were. And they came in chic patterns and colors. I’d found the perfect eco-friendly sheet set I’d been looking for!

Comparing Prices: Bed Bath & Beyond vs Department Stores

With so many choices spanning a wide range of budgets, I wanted to price compare Bed Bath & Beyond’s sheets to other home goods stores. Were they competitively priced or more expensive?

I looked up options at Target, Macys, and JCPenney for similar thread counts and fabrics to what I saw at Bed Bath. The prices were pretty comparable, if not a tiny bit lower at the department stores.

However, I had a 20% off coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond. Combined with the regular sales and clearance section, this made their prices very affordable. Overall I found them to have a great balance of quality and value.

Narrowing it Down by Size, Fabric, and Price Range

By now, my cart was filled with about five different enticing sheet sets in various fabrics. Time to be more selective. I asked myself:

  • What size sheets do I need? Remember, Bed Bath & Beyond offers all standard sizes from twin and twin XL to California king. Take measurements to be sure.
  • What fabric suits my preferences? I’d felt the difference between crisp, cool percale versus silky sateen. I preferred the bamboo’s softness and breathability.
  • What’s my budget? Setting a spending range helps. I got high quality sheets across all price points, from $50 to $250.

This really helped me narrow down to my perfect bamboo sheets in queen size for $120. I was thrilled with my final decision!

Last Minute Browsing Led to More Finds!

As I headed up to the register ready to purchase my new sheets, a few more options caught my eye. I couldn’t resist quickly browsing one last time.

I spotted luxury modal bed sheets promoted as softer than cotton. I gave them a feel – so silky and lightweight! But with a $219 price tag, I forced myself to put them back.

Then a colorful ** Patterned perale sheet set with pom-pom trim** beckoned me over. Adorable! But I didn’t really need fancy decoration on my sheets.

With reluctance, I carried just my bamboo queen sheets to the checkout. But not before being tempted by one last display of cozy heathered flannel… Focus, I reminded myself!

Checking Out With My New Sheets

On my way up to pay, I grabbed some new pillowcases to go with my sheets. May as well get the full set for a perfectly coordinated bed!

The checkout process at Bed Bath & Beyond was seamless. I was able to use my 20% off coupon and got same-day laying This specific location had free shipping to home too.

It was so quick and convenient. I was excited to dress my bed in the soft new bamboo sheets soon.

Trying Out My Silky Soft Bamboo Sheets at Home

After a quick wash and dry to prep them, it was time to dress my bed with the new sheets. I was amazed at how soft and comfortable the bamboo fabric felt right out of the package.

Slipping between these silky sheets with the breeze of the ceiling fan felt heavenly. The perfect cooling temperature for sleeping too – the bamboo regulates temperature so well.

As I snuggled into bed on the plush sheets, I knew I’d made the perfect choice for luxurious, eco-friendly bedding. The selection process at Bed Bath & Beyond was thorough, but worth it. My new sheets were a dream!

Reflecting on the Sheet Buying Experience & Planning Future Purchases

Overall, I was really happy with my trip to Bed Bath & Beyond for sheets. The extensive options let me get the perfect set tailored to my preferences. Here are some final takeaways:

  • Wandering every aisle is important – you never know what deals you’ll uncover in clearance or overlooked sections.
  • Take time feeling fabrics in person. Get to know the difference between crisp percale, soft sateen, cozy flannel and more.
  • Measure your mattress and know the right size you need before going. This saves time.
  • Compare prices to other stores. With coupons & sales, Bed Bath & Beyond is very competitively priced.
  • Don’t impulse buy every set that catches your eye – prioritize your budget and needs.

I’m already thinking about going back in the winter months when I’ll need extra cozy flannel sheets in my bedding rotation. The options at Bed Bath & Beyond truly can’t be beat. Happy sheet shopping!

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