Finding the Perfect Pillow for You at Bed Bath & Beyond

Get a Good Night’s Sleep by Choosing the Right Pillow Type, Firmness, and More

As a devoted fan of Bed Bath & Beyond, I often get questions from friends and family about the expansive pillow selection offered at this beloved home store. From memory foam to down-alternative, body pillows to travel pillows, Bed Bath & Beyond truly has pillows for every preference and sleep style.

After testing out dozens of their pillows over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about finding your perfect match. Here, I’ll walk you through the many pillow types and options at Bed Bath & Beyond, along with some tips for choosing the right fit for your sleep position and comfort. Let’s dive in!

Memory Foam, Down-Alternative, Polyester—Oh My! Pick Your Pillow Material

One of the first decisions to make is which pillow material works best for you. Here are some of the most common options at Bed Bath & Beyond:

Memory foam pillows conform to your head, neck and shoulders to provide personalized support and alignment. They’re great for side and back sleepers. I’m a side sleeper and love how memory foam cradles my head without needing fluffing or reshaping during the night.

Down and down-alternative pillows have a soft, fluffy feel that many find luxurious. Down is warmer, while down-alternative replicates the feel of down with hypoallergenic polyester fibers. Stomach sleepers often like these pillows for their gentler support.

Polyester and microfiber pillows hold their shape well through the night. They tend to be more affordable too. These are a good choice if you change positions during sleep.

Latex pillows provide bouncy yet firm support. They’re breathable, antimicrobial and good for all sleep positions. However, some find them too firm.

Buckwheat pillows allow you to customize the fill level for personalized support. The hulls conform to your head and neck. Just be sure to give them time to break in.

Find the Right Level of Pillow Firmness

Along with material, assessing the firmness level you need is key. Here’s a quick firmness guide for Bed Bath & Beyond pillows:

  • Extra-firm: Best for back and stomach sleepers who need maximum support.
  • Firm: Ideal for back sleepers or those who need enhanced neck support.
  • Medium: Provides conforming comfort for most side and back sleepers.
  • Soft: Works well for side sleepers and those who want a fluffier, cloud-like feel.

Test out different firmness levels in the store to identify what gives you the best spinal alignment and comfort. You spend a third of your life sleeping, so take the time to get this right!

Hypoallergenic, Cooling and Other Specialty Pillows

Beyond basic pillow types, Bed Bath & Beyond offers all kinds of specialty options:

  • Hypoallergenic pillows have antimicrobial covers to reduce dust mites, mold and other allergens. They’re a must for allergy sufferers like me!
  • Cooling pillows feel refreshing, perfect when you run hot at night. I love the gel-infused memory foam ones.
  • Cervical pillows cradle your neck for enhanced support. They’re great if you wake up with neck pain.
  • Body pillows run the length of your body for overall comfort and support. Side sleepers, especially pregnant women, get the most benefit.
  • Travel pillows compress for on-the-go convenience. I never fly without one!
  • Kids pillows come in fun shapes and sizes just for little ones.

Take time feeling and comparing different pillows in store. The wide variety at Bed Bath & Beyond makes it easy to find the perfect fit.

Shop Bed Bath & Beyond Pillows by Price

From budget buys to luxurious splurges, you can find a pillow for every budget at Bed Bath & Beyond. Here’s a quick price range overview:

  • $10-$25: Basic polyester and down-alternative pillows. Great affordable options for kids’ rooms or guest beds.
  • $25-$50: Mid-range memory foam, latex and microfiber pillows. You can find quality materials without overspending.
  • $50-$100: Specialty pillows like organic latex, gel memory foam and customizable fills. Worth investing in for your primary sleeping pillow.
  • $100+: Premium down, adjustable and high-end memory foam options. Treat yourself to hotel luxury!

Don’t forget to scout the clearance section for major deals on last season’s pillows. I once scored premium down pillows for 50% off!

Protect Your Investment with Pillow Covers

Once you’ve chosen your perfect pillow, be sure to pick up a pillow protector as well. Waterproof and antimicrobial protectors will extend the life of your pillow and keep it hygienic.

Bed Bath & Beyond has all types of pillow covers available, from basic to high-end. Measure your pillow’s dimensions first, then pick a form-fitting cover to keep your pillow in prime condition. An extra pillow case or two can also help you cycle out washing.

Find the Best Pillow for How You Sleep

Your regular sleep position plays a big role in choosing the right pillow. Here are my tips:

For side sleepers: Choose a thicker pillow to adequately fill the gap between your head and shoulders. Memory foam contours nicely. A body pillow can offer full support.

For back sleepers: Choose a thinner, flatter pillow to keep your head in alignment with the rest of your spine. Memory foam or down work well.

For stomach sleepers: Opt for the thinnest pillow possible or none at all. This will keep your neck in line and avoid back or neck pain.

For combination sleepers: Look for a medium thickness polyester or latex pillow with good bounce-back. That makes shifting positions easier.

Ask the Bed Bath & Beyond staff for guidance picking a pillow suited for how you snooze too!

Pregnancy, Body Pain and Other Special Needs

Along with your regular sleep style, you may need a pillow that addresses specific issues or changing needs.

Pregnancy pillows at Bed Bath & Beyond provide full-body support for expectant moms’ growing bellies and aching backs. The contoured shapes cradle you in comfort.

Cervical pillows help alleviate neck pain by cradling your head and neck in proper alignment. Just what you need after hunching over a computer all day!

Wedge pillows gently prop you up to make reading, watching TV or sleeping with congestion more comfortable. They take pressure off your upper body.

Describe any pain points or conditions you experience so the Bed Bath & Beyond staff can guide you to the right supportive pillow. Relief is close at hand!

Luxury Down, Organic and Other Premium Options

If you’re looking to splurge on a luxurious, top-of-the-line pillow, Bed Bath & Beyond has plenty of exceptional options that’ll make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

The Pacific Coast Feather Luxe and Grand Luxe pillows feature premium down fill for irresistible softness. They’re just as cozy as what you’d find at a 5-star hotel!

Organic pillows like the Naturepedic line are made from certified organic cotton, wool and latex. Super eco-friendly!

Technogel pillows infuse revolutionary Technogel material for a cool, gel-like feel. Your head just sinks right into these.

For the ultimate luxury, customize your fill with the Reverie Sleep System. Adjustable fill levels provide personalized comfort and support. Now that’s five-star sleep!

While these premium pillows cost more, they truly help you wake up refreshed. Treat yourself to sweet dreams!

Try Before You Buy with the Pillow Comfort Guarantee

One amazing perk of Bed Bath & Beyond’s pillow selection is their comfort guarantee. If you don’t love your new pillow after use at home, simply return or exchange it within 60 days!

I absolutely love how they let you test out pillows firsthand. Make sure to really try out display pillows in the store by laying down and assuming your normal sleeping position. Mimic how you’ll actually use it at home.

Don’t be afraid to stay in the pillow aisle as long as you need to compare options. Bring your partner if you share a bed. Find the pillow of your dreams before bringing it home!

Get Personalized Guidance from Knowledgeable Staff

While researching online is helpful, there’s nothing better than hands-on testing and expert guidance when purchasing a new pillow.

The staff at Bed Bath & Beyond are extremely knowledgeable about helping you find the perfect pillow for your needs. Here are some tips for getting personalized recommendations:

  • Tell them your typical sleep position and what pillows have worked for you in the past. This gives them a baseline for what to suggest.
  • Be honest about any neck, shoulder or back pain you experience. This helps them identify areas that need extra support.
  • Ask about pros and cons of different pillow materials to learn which may work best for your preferences.
  • Request firmness recommendations based on your sleep style and support needs.
  • Let them know of any allergies, health issues or conditions like pregnancy that impact your pillow needs.

The more details you provide, the better they can match you with your dream pillow! Their expertise is invaluable.

Top Pillow Brands Available at Bed Bath & Beyond

From big names to smaller specialty brands, Bed Bath & Beyond carries a stellar range of pillow brands. Here are some top options to look for:

  • Tempur-Pedic: The gold standard for memory foam pillows. Splurge-worthy comfort!
  • Brookstone: Known for high quality down and gel pillow options. Great for luxury.
  • Wamsutta: Offers a wide range of comfortable, affordable options. A customer favorite.
  • Pacific Coast: Luxurious down pillows at lower prices than competitors. Excellent value.
  • Naturepedic: Specializes in organic cotton and latex pillows. Perfect for eco-conscious shoppers.
  • Coop Home Goods: Mix and match fill materials. Customizable comfort!
  • Bed Bath & Beyond: Their own Berkshire brand provides quality pillows at low prices.

With so many brands and styles, you’re sure to discover your perfect match. Sweet pillow dreams await!

Find Pillow Recommendations and Reviews from Other Shoppers

Before making your final pillow pick, I highly recommend reading up on other real customers’ pillow reviews. This gives you insight into how the pillows perform for different types of sleepers.

Check out the pillow reviews on the Bed Bath & Beyond website, third party review sites like Consumer Reports or Google, or even YouTube videos. See what pillow qualities and features actual users love—and what they don’t.

Look for reviews from people with needs similar to yours, whether that’s sleeping position, health conditions, or budget constraints. Their experiences will be most relevant to your own search.

If you’re nervous about purchasing a particular pillow, reviews can provide that extra confidence or reason to reconsider. Don’t underestimate other customers’ wisdom!

Order Online for Quick In-Store Pickup

While buying pillows in person allows that important hands-on test, you can also order pillows online for easy pickup through Bed Bath & Beyond if a trip to the store isn’t feasible.

Browse their wide pillow selection online from the comfort of home. Read through detailed product descriptions then add what you want to try to your cart. At checkout, select in-store pickup.

Usually within just a few hours, you’ll get an email notification that your order is ready for pickup! Swing by at your convenience to grab your pillows.

This is super handy for when you know exactly what you want or need pillows in a hurry. No shipping wait required!

New Arrivals Mean a Constantly Updated Selection

Don’t see that perfect pillow today? Don’t worry, the selection is always expanding at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I’m impressed by how frequently they debut new pillow offerings, whether that’s new materials, brands, shapes or exclusive designs.

I make it a habit to browse the new arrivals section of the Bed Bath & Beyond website or pop into the store to check out what’s new every couple months.

You never know when they’ll add something revolutionary that could become your new favorite pillow. A periodic check yields exciting sleep discoveries!

Neck Pain? Check Out Contouring Cervical Pillows

If you deal with regular neck stiffness and pain, I highly suggest trying Bed Bath & Beyond’s ergonomic contour cervical pillows.

These pillows provide enhanced neck support by filling the gap between your neck and mattress at an angled slope. This gently cradles your head and neck to relieve pressure.

I love the dropped shoulders in the center that let your head nestle in comfortably without craning your neck. Such a difference from flat pillows!

The shaped contour design also keeps your head elevated enough for optimal spinal alignment. Say goodbye to tossing and turning from neck discomfort.

Give your neck the comfort it deserves and wake up actually refreshed. Your body will thank you!

Caring for Your New Pillow

Once you get your dream pillow home from Bed Bath & Beyond, be sure to follow any included care instructions to get the longest life from your investment.

Look for details on the pillow tag or packaging for guidance specific to that pillow’s material:

  • Machine washing vs. dry cleaning
  • Tumble dry low or no heat required
  • Recommended wash cycles or detergents
  • How to air or fluff for re-lofting
  • Spot cleaning methods

Handle memory foam pillows with extra care and allow plenty of time to fully dry after washing.

With the proper care, you’ll enjoy sweet slumber on your Bed Bath & Beyond pillow for years of blissful nights! Sleep well, friends.

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