Finding the Perfect Body Pillow for You at Bed Bath & Beyond

If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort and support for a better night’s sleep, a body pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond is an excellent option. As a leading home goods retailer, Bed Bath & Beyond offers an extensive selection of body pillows to meet a range of needs and preferences. In this post, I’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the many body pillow choices available, so you can find your perfect match.

The Array of Body Pillows at Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond carries body pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different sleep positions and user needs. The standard rectangular body pillows come in extra long lengths up to 72 inches. These full body pillows allow you to prop your head while supporting your back, hips, knees, and more for side sleeping. Smaller 51-inch options are ideal for stomach and back sleepers who simply need some cushioning between their knees.

For ultimate head, neck and shoulder support, c-shaped and j-shaped body pillows contour to your curves. The c-shape is especially great for side sleepers who need belly accommodation as well. On the other hand, u-shaped pillows wrap entirely around you for full-body hugging comfort. No matter your preferred sleeping position, Bed Bath & Beyond has a body pillow size and shape designed to cradle you to dreamland.

Pricing to Suit Any Budget

From budget-friendly basic styles to luxuriously plush fills, Bed Bath & Beyond body pillow prices range from $15 to $200. This allows you to find the perfect balance of quality and affordability for your needs. Value-priced polyester pillows start at just $15, while higher-end memory foam, down alternative and microfiber options go up to $100. For a truly indulgent night’s sleep, natural down and shredded memory foam body pillows top out around $200.

Bed Bath & Beyond also frequently offers coupon codes and sales on body pillows, so you can potentially save even more. Sign up for emails to receive exclusive online coupons. Download their app for easy access to mobile coupons and online deals. And don’t forget to check the clearance body pillows for extra markdowns on out of season or discontinued styles.

Soothing Memory Foam Body Pillows

One of the most popular filling materials for body pillows right now is memory foam. Its superior ability to conform to your body’s curves while also resisting sagging over time makes it an excellent choice for providing lasting orthopedic support. Memory foam helps align your spine and relieve pressure points, resulting in reduced back, hip and shoulder pain.

Bed Bath & Beyond carries memory foam body pillows from leading brands like Tempur-Pedic and Coop Home Goods that allow you to enjoy the countless benefits of this responsive foam. Some even have cooling gel layers to help regulate your body temperature for a more comfortable sleep. If you tend to sleep hot, a memory foam body pillow can be a game changer!

Customizable Covers for Your Own Unique Look

Most standard body pillows at Bed Bath & Beyond come with removable and washable covers. This allows you to easily remove and clean the covers as needed to keep your pillow fresh. But a big additional advantage is the ability to purchase alternate covers and customize your pillow’s look!

With a spare cover or two, you can change up the color and pattern of your body pillow to match your current bedding or mood. Switch to crisp white linens for summer and cozy flannels when it turns cold out. Body pillow covers also make great gifts for the holidays and birthdays, allowing friends and family to refresh their pillow’s style.

Size Options to Fit Your Space and Needs

The typical adult body pillow size ranges from 51 to 72 inches long. Bed Bath & Beyond carries body pillows throughout this range so you’re sure to find one that suits your height and space. Their 51-inch options work for petite people and smaller beds, while 72-inch jumbo body pillows allow taller individuals to fully stretch out. The product details always include the pillow’s length so you can easily choose what will fit your bed and body best.

For expectant mothers, Bed Bath & Beyond has a special selection of pregnancy body pillows in C-, J- and U-shapes ideal for supporting a growing belly. The extra-large size follows the length of your body for hip, back and bump support. Plus the curved ends tuck comfortably between your knees to help relieve pressure. These thoughtfully designed maternity pillows make sleeping while pregnant a little easier.

A Range of Filling Materials to Suit Your Preferences

In addition to memory foam, you can find body pillows filled with a variety of materials at Bed Bath & Beyond to match your desired feel and benefits. Give these options a test squeeze in store to decide which you prefer before buying.

  • Down alternative mimics the soft plushness of real down using synthetic microfiber fills. It provides cushioning while remaining hypoallergenic.
  • Microbeads/balls allow air to circulate inside the pillow for afirmer yet flexible feel. They conform well but spring back into shape.
  • Polyester fiber offers resilient cushioning at an affordable price point. This is a good basic body pillow filling.
  • Shredded memory foam has a responsive feel that molds to you. It’s more breathable than solid memory foam.
  • Natural down gives the most indulgent softness but needs special laundering. Featherbeds provide the ultimate cushioning comfort.

No matter which interior fill you choose, you can count on Bed Bath & Beyond for quality construction and materials for longevity. Follow the included care instructions to keep your body pillow like new.

Cooling Body Pillows for Hot Sleepers

If you tend to run hot during the night, a cooling body pillow is just what you need. Overheating interrupts sleep and prevents you from getting truly restful rest. Thankfully, Bed Bath & Beyond has temperature regulating pillow options ideal for warm sleepers.

Some body pillows have dual sides – one cool side made of cooling gel and one warmer side with plush fills. This allows you to flip over as needed to find your ideal sleep temperature throughout the night. Others infuse phase change material into the covers to absorb and release heat. The result is a more refreshing and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Easy Care and Cleaning

Caring for your new body pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond will be a breeze thanks to their convenient machine washable and dryable covers. Simply remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine as needed to keep your pillow fresh in between your own launderings. Tumble dry on low. The pillow itself can be spot cleaned as required using a gentle soap and cool water.

Be sure to follow the included care tag instructions to safely clean your specific body pillow fill and cover material. With proper care, your body pillow will retain its shape and performance for years to come. Fluff as needed to restore shape and comfort. Enjoy the low maintenance ease of pillow care from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Reviews Provide Insight from Real Customers

Want to hear first-hand from others who have used the body pillow you have your eye on? Check out the customer reviews on the Bed Bath & Beyond website for honest feedback. People share their experiences on things like pillow comfort, firmness, quality, pros/cons and if the product lived up to their expectations. This transparent input from real body pillow users can give you helpful perspective.

Sort the reviews from highest to lowest rating so the top-ranked and most recommended body pillows rise to the top. Take note of aspects like support for shoulder pain or cooling properties that are called out in reviews. And watch for any consistent complaints around things like durability that might be red flags. Use the reviews from experienced customers to make a more informed body pillow choice.

Special Savings Opportunities

The everyday low prices at Bed Bath & Beyond make body pillows affordable for all budgets. But deals and promotions offer the opportunity for additional savings on your body pillow purchase. Their website features sales like 20% off any one item that can yield huge discounts. Holiday sales around events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday also mark down body pillow prices.

Sign up on their website with your email address and opt into their promotional emails. This will ensure you’re notified about all the latest deals and coupon offers so you don’t miss a chance to save. The Bed Bath & Beyond app also makes it easy to access mobile coupons while shopping in store. Check the weekly ad online for extra savings with newspaper coupons as well. A little deal hunting can score you major savings on the perfect body pillow.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can purchase your body pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond with confidence thanks to their comprehensive satisfaction guarantee. If your body pillow doesn’t meet your expectations or needs, return it within one year for a full refund or exchange. This allows you to try out different pillows risk-free until you find your ideal match.

Bed Bath & Beyond also has a low price guarantee. If you find the same body pillow model advertised for less somewhere else within 14 days of your purchase, they will happily match the lower price. Relax knowing you are getting the best possible value backed by excellent customer service and guarantees.

Convenient Order Pickup Options

If you need your body pillow in a hurry, expedite delivery by using Bed Bath & Beyond’s order online and in-store pickup option. Simply place your order on their website as usual. Then when prompted during checkout, select the “Pick Up in Store” option and choose your local store location.

Your order will be ready within just a few hours instead of waiting days for shipping. You’ll receive an email notification when your body pillow is ready for pickup. Stop by the store, head to the Pick Up area, and a friendly associate will bring out your order. It’s a quick and easy way to get your new body pillow today!

Flexible Return and Exchange Policies

Did your body pillow selection not work out as hoped once you got it home? No problem – returning and exchanging pillows is easy at Bed Bath & Beyond. You have a full year after purchase to return or exchange your body pillow with the original receipt. Even if opened and used, body pillows can still be returned as long as they are in good condition.

If you simply want to exchange your body pillow for a different size, shape or fill, take it back to any Bed Bath & Beyond store for a free replacement. Or if you decide to return your body pillow for a refund, you can do so in-store or by mail. Just package up all original components and ship it back following the instructions found online. It’s risk-free body pillow shopping with Bed Bath & Beyond’s flexible policies.

Natural and Eco-Friendly Options

For those looking to make eco-conscious choices, you’re in luck. Bed Bath & Beyond has a selection of organic body pillows filled with natural and sustainable materials. Look for pillows made from organic cotton, bamboo, wool and other renewable fills like kapok fiber. These provide the same comfort as standard body pillows but with a lighter environmental impact.

The natural materials used in these pillows are also naturally hypoallergenic. This makes them ideal for those with sensitivities or allergies. Rest easy knowing your green bedtime routine is also healthier for you and better for the planet when you choose organic body pillows from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Fun Colors, Prints and Textures

A body pillow doesn’t have to be boring white or beige. Have fun expressing your personality through playful colors, patterns and fabrics. Bed Bath & Beyond offers body pillow covers in vibrant hues like coral, emerald and sapphire. Choose cheerful prints with florals, geometrics and more. Or add luxurious texture with velveteen, chenille and faux fur.

Coordinating your body pillow’s color palette with your bedding is easy with the wide range of choices. Mix and match solids and prints for a lively layered look. Or keep it classy with the simplicity of crisp solid white linens accented by decorative throw pillows. Whatever your style, you can find a body pillow to match at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Popular Brand Name Quality

In addition to their own in-house brands, Bed Bath & Beyond also carries body pillows from top name brands known for quality and performance. Big names like Tempur-Pedic and Nest Bedding at Bed Bath & Beyond means you can get the exceptional comfort and support those brands are famous for.

Other specialty bedding brands like Downlite and Pacific Coast Feather allow you to get hotel luxury with their premium down-filled pillows. And familiar staples like Wamsutta provide exceptional quality at non-designer prices. Treat yourself to the comforting experience, premium materials and lasting durability that brand name body pillows deliver.

Maximizing Savings with Coupons

One of the best parts about shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond is taking advantage of their ** legendary coupons** to maximize your savings. Be sure to sign up for their email list so you’ll get alerts every time new coupons are released. These often include dollar amount off coupons, percent off a single item, or percent off your entire purchase coupons.

In addition to email coupons, you can find ongoing coupon offers on the Bed Bath & Beyond app and website. Download and print these to redeem in store, or have the cashier scan your mobile app coupon code right from your smartphone when checking out. Stack store coupons with printed and digital manufacturer coupons for the greatest discounts. With a little coupon savvy, you can save big bucks on body pillows and everything else at Bed Bath & Beyond!

Accessorize with Coordinating Pillowcases

Once you select the perfect body pillow, go ahead and pick up some coordinating pillowcases to keep things fresh. Body pillowcases come in standard sizes to fit most rectangular pillows. Having multiple pillowcases allows you to easily change up the look and feel of your body pillow.

Try different fabrics like soft jersey cotton or cozy flannel to customize your level of coolness and breathability. Or opt for a few patterns and colors to match your changing bedding looks with the seasons. You can find a wide variety of quality body pillowcases and slipcovers at Bed Bath & Beyond to complement your new MVP sleeping support.

After reviewing all the body pillow options at Bed Bath & Beyond, you now have the knowledge you need to select the perfect fit for your sleep style and preferences. Take your time testing different fills, sizes and shapes in store to make an informed decision. And don’t hesitate to ask one of their friendly associates for advice – they are pillow experts ready to help! Invest in your best night’s sleep ever with the ideal body pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond.

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