Experience the Bliss of Ultra-Soft Egyptian Cotton Sheets

There’s nothing better than slipping into bed after a long day and feeling the luxurious softness of high quality sheets envelop you in comfort. If you’ve been dealing with rough, scratchy sheets that just don’t feel great to sleep on, it may be time for an upgrade. Why not treat yourself to the best of the best in bedding with extra soft Egyptian cotton sheets?

Egyptian cotton has rightfully earned its reputation as a top tier textile, beloved for its softness, breathability, and durability. The secret lies in the extra long staple of the Egyptian cotton fibers, resulting in extremely thin yet strong cotton threads. This exceptional thread is woven into sumptuous fabrics prized globally for a softness that only improves over time. Investing in a set of true Egyptian cotton sheets will transform your bedroom into a relaxing, welcoming oasis.

But all Egyptian cotton sheets are not created equal, which brings us to today’s main mission: guiding you through the top 5 softest Egyptian cotton sheet sets on the market. We’ll highlight what makes each set uniquely luxurious, detail the pros and cons, and help you determine which option best matches your priorities, preferences, and budget. A few key factors we’ll cover include weave types, ideal thread count range, sheet finishes, and pricing options among top brands.

We’ll also dive into some frequently asked questions about Egyptian cotton sheets, providing tips for how to select the softest bed sheets that stand the test of time. By the end, you’ll be rested, refreshed, and ready to revolutionize your sleep experience with the indulgent softness of exquisite Egyptian cotton sheets. So slip those slippers off, pour a warm cup of tea, and let’s begin unwinding the secrets of choosing ultra-soft, dreamy Egyptian cotton sheets.

1. Luxury Linens 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

First up on our soft sheets countdown are these opulent 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets by Luxury Linens. If you’re looking for that true Egyptian cotton luxury and aren’t afraid to splurge a bit, these may be your match made in bedding heaven.

Crafted from 100% genuine Egyptian cotton, these sheets have a silky smooth sateen weave and lustrous sheen that screams high-end sophistication. The dazzling array of color choices — from neutral tones like ivory and sand to rich jewel tones like garnet and sapphire — ensures you can outfit your master suite in style. Turn down the covers to reveal a palette of posh hues that sets the tone for restful relaxation.

The exquisite 1000 thread count maximizes both softness and durability, giving these Egyptian cotton sheets an impossibly plush handfeel right out of the packaging. And that incredible softness only amplifies over time and washes, as the fibers loosen and the fabric breaks in. You can enjoy years of 5-star hotel level comfort.

Other wins for this sheet set include breathability for temperature regulation, tailored construction for a close fit, and the prestige of being woven with the highest grade of Egyptian cotton money can buy. Some downsides to consider are the tendency to wrinkle easily, inconsistency in sizing for the fitted sheet, and the lofty price tag. However, devoted luxury linen fans say the extra softness and opulence are well worth the investment.

This exquisite sheet set comes complete with flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. It’s available in the full spectrum of standard sheet sizes from twin and twin XL to California king. Current pricing ranges from $$$ to $$$$, putting it firmly in the premium splurge category. For those seeking the utmost indulgence in Egyptian cotton bedding, the sublime softness of these 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen sheets deliver in droves.

2. Mayfair Linen 800 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

For those who crave soft Egyptian cotton sheets but also appreciate a good bargain, Mayfair Linen offers a luxe sheet set at a price that won’t break the bank. These high quality 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets offer a smooth percale weave that provides a lighter, brighter alternative to rich sateen sheets.

It all starts with 100% Egyptian cotton grown and spun into fabric using modern techniques to optimize softness. The long-staple cotton fibers create a smooth, breathable percale weave that feels crisp and cool to the touch. The 800 thread count hits the sweet spot of providing softness while maintaining the percale’s signature lightweight structure.

This sheet set is a great choice for those who sleep hot but still want softness. The percale weave and mid-range thread count promote airflow and help regulate body temperature throughout the night. You’ll stay comfy and slumber peacefully.

Mayfair Linen offers these soft percale sheets in a spectrum of versatile, crowd-pleasing colors like white, beige, grey, and blue. The sheet set comes with flat, fitted, and two pillowcases. While the color selection isn’t vast, they do stock all standard sheet sizes from twin up to California king.

Downsides are that these sheets require ironing to keep wrinkles at bay, especially after washing. They may also shrink slightly after the first wash, so take care to wash cold and line dry or tumble dry low. However, the easy-care 100% cotton and quality construction make this a long-lasting sheet set.

With a price range from $$ to $$$, Mayfair Linen delivers a noticeably soft Egyptian cotton sheet set that outperforms many comparably priced options. For those focused on quality over quantity in bedding, these percale sheets are a sensational steal.

3. Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Cotton Sheets

For the ultimate in plush, cozy Egyptian cotton softness, Brooklyn Bedding’s brushed cotton sheet set pampers you in luxury. These 100% Egyptian cotton sheets get brushed for an über soft, smooth sateen finish that feels gentle against the skin. Get ready to be caressed into dreamland.

With an indulgent 1200 thread count and brilliant white sateen weave, these Egyptian cotton sheets look and feel like a fluffy cloud enveloping your bed. The secret is in Brooklyn Bedding’s unique brushing technique that raises the cotton fibers for a supple, velvety handfeel right out of the package. The long cotton staple also allows the fabric to hone softness through washes and use over time.

These brushed Egyptian cotton sheets sleep cool and breathe well, thanks to the breathability woven right into the fine cotton fibers and sateen construction. The innovative UltraCore technology adds moisture wicking capabilities to keep you dry and comfortable all night long.

Some thoughtful details that enhance comfort include deep pockets on the fitted sheet for thicker mattresses, mitered edging that prevents fraying, and coordinating pillowcases sized for both standard and king size pillows. With proper care, these brushed cotton sheets should hold up well for years of blissful slumber.

One drawback is that the brushed finish gives these sheets a more substantial drape and weight. Hot sleepers may find them too insulating for warm climates or summer months. The color selection is also limited to white or ivory. But those wanting that ultra-soft brushed cotton dreaminess will find these sheets a sanctuary for sweet sleep.

Priced at $$$ to $$$$ for a full sheet set, the only thing that may give you pause is the lofty cost. But devoted fans insist the cloud-like softness, quality construction, and durable fabrics make it worthwhile to invest in this high-end Egyptian cotton. Treat yourself to lavish luxury with this brushed cotton sheet set.

4. Muse Bed Sheet Set by Peacock Alley

Add a graceful sophistication and style to your boudoir with the Muse Sheet Set by luxury brand Peacock Alley. These tailored 100% Egyptian cotton percale sheets add a fashion-forward pop of pattern and color to your bedroom while still delivering that soft, breathable feel.

The Muse sheets feature a fashion-inspired small scale foulard print in your choice of radiant hues like geranium, sky blue, or golden mustard. Flat sheets have a contrasting embroidery motif in the shape of an eye for a playful wink. Or opt for classic stripes or ikat patterns in on-trend indigo and citron.

Despite the focus on decorative details, these sheets maintain a smooth percale weave made from long staple Egyptian cotton. The 600 thread count strikes that magical balance of softness with a light, crisp hand that keeps hot sleepers comfortable. The percale promotes healthy airflow and temperature regulation all night long.

While some Egyptian cotton sheets can feel stiff and scratchy right out of the package, Peacock Alley pre-washes their fabric so these sheets feel luxuriously soft even after first unboxing. Yet they become even softer and more supple over time and washes.

Downsides are that the lower 600 thread count doesn’t deliver that ultra-plush feel, and the bright patterns and tailoring come at a price. Expect to invest $$$ to $$$$ for a Muse sheet set. For those wanting both style and sensational softness, the unique beauty of these Egyptian cotton percale sheets complete the room. Making your bed has never felt so fab.

5. Chateau Home Collection 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Last but not least in our soft sheets roundup are these customer-loved Egyptian cotton sheets from Chateau Home Collection. For shoppers wanting great quality sheets at an affordable price point, these 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen sheets check all the boxes.

Like our other top picks, these sheets are crafted entirely of long staple Egyptian cotton for exceptional softness and strength. They have a luxurious 1000 thread count and a smooth sateen weave adding luster and lightweight drape. The colors absolutely pop against the sheeny fabrication in vibrant hues of garnet, navy, steel blue, and more.

The soft handfeel rivals far more expensive brands but at a fraction of luxury prices. These easy-care sheets retain softness wash after wash, while resisting pilling and fading. Deep pocket fitted sheets easily accommodate thicker mattresses so you enjoy a picturesque, wrinkle-free fit.

Some downsides are possible shrinkage and durability compared to premium Egyptian cotton sheets. But given the pleasing price point ranging just $$$ to $$$, most shoppers find these sheets strike the ideal balance of affordability and quality. With over 20 colors that never fade, you can afford to refresh your bedroom style with soft sheets to match your mood.

How to Choose the Softest Egyptian Cotton Sheets Your Bedroom Has Ever Known

By now, you’ve seen the bliss that awaits when you adorn your bed in the buttery soft embrace of Egyptian cotton sheets. But how exactly should you start your search for that elusive bed linen sweet spot? Follow this advice to ensure you select ultra-soft sheets ready to provide years of soothing comfort.

Make Sure It’s 100% Egyptian Cotton

To enjoy all of the benefits real Egyptian cotton offers, from long-lasting softness to strength and breathability, make sure to verify that any sheets marked Egyptian cotton are 100% Egyptian cotton. Some brands misleadingly blend regular cotton with just a small percentage of Egyptian cotton. Always check product labels and details to guarantee you’re getting completely pure Egyptian cotton sheets.

Consider Thread Count Alongside Weave

Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. While it does influence softness and quality, thread count alone doesn’t tell the full story. The weave type also dramatically impacts the look, feel and performance of sheets.

Percale sheets are commonly found in the 300-600 range, achieving that crisp, cool percale feel. Sateen sheets usually range 600-1200 thread count for optimal softness and that smooth sateen luster. Finding the right synergy between thread count and weave type results in your ideal Egyptian cotton sheet softness.

Pick Percale or Sateen Based on Your Preferences

Deciding between percale or sateen comes down to personal preferences in temperature regulation, texture, breathability and glossy sheen. Those who sleep hot favor percale for its light, crisper hand that increases airflow. Lovers of silky soft textures and lightweight warmth choose sateen. Both can achieve sublime softness when made of quality extra long staple Egyptian cotton.

Read Reviews About Softness, Durability, Shrinkage

Don’t just take the brand’s word when it comes to softness, longevity, fit, and other metrics. Dive into the detailed experiences and feedback shared by customer reviews. Look for firsthand accounts relevant to softness over time, how the sheets hold up to washing, potential shrinkage issues, and more. This can surface potential downsides not apparent from product descriptions alone.

Touch and Feel the Fabric Whenever Possible

Don’t underestimate the value of feeling sheets in person before buying when possible. Visit a bedding or department store to touch fabric swatches or sample sheets on display. Evaluate the handfeel, weight and drape, and other tactile factors that aid your purchasing decision.

Match Climate and Seasonality for Optimal Soft Comfort

Consider when and how you’ll use the sheets to pick the best weave and weight. In warm spring and summer months or hot climates, steer towards light, breathable percale sheets around 400 thread count. For cooler weather and climates or adding cozy warmth, choose silky soft sateen sheets from 600-800 thread count and up. Find your softness sweet spot based on seasonal and environmental factors.

Handle With Care for Lasting Softness

To keep those Egyptian cotton sheets feeling sublimely soft year after year, wash gently in cold water and never use harsh detergents or bleach. Tumble dry on low or line dry when possible. Follow any specific care instructions from the manufacturer to optimize longevity in your sheets. Treat them with care so they’ll treat you to thousands of nights of restful sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soft Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Still have some lingering questions about how to pick the perfect soft Egyptian cotton sheets? Here we answer some commonly asked questions to help you make the ideal choice.

Why are Egyptian cotton sheets considered premium?

Egyptian cotton, specifically extra long staple cotton, produces longer and thinner cotton fibers. Turned into threads, these fibers create thinner yet stronger threads resulting in luxe bedding. The arid climate in Egypt also contributes to growing high quality, long staple cotton prized for its softness and durability.

What thread count should I look for in sheets?

200-400 thread count is pretty standard, while percale sheets often hit the sweet spot around 300-600 thread count. For that smooth sateen feel, aim for 600-1200 thread count. Beware inflated thread counts over 1200; the weave and cotton quality matter more.

What is better: percale or sateen sheets?

It depends on your preferences. Percale has a signature crisp, matte finish that feels light and cool. Sateen has a lustrous sheen with a silky-smooth, lightweight drape. Both can achieve sublime softness when made of Egyptian cotton.

How do you take care of Egyptian cotton sheets?

Wash gently in cold water, never use bleach, and skip the dryer sheet. Tumble dry on low or line dry if possible. High heat damages and fades them faster. Well-cared-for Egyptian cotton sheets become softer over time.

Do Egyptian cotton sheets get softer over time?

Yes! As you launder and enjoy your Egyptian cotton sheets, the fibers relax and soften. With proper care, they develop a dreamy patina and increased softness that “breaks in” over years of use.

Should I buy extra deep pocket sheets?

If you have an extra thick mattress exceeding 15 inches deep, then deep pocket sheets can better fit and accommodate it. But regular pocket depths around 15″ should fit most standard mattresses.

What thread count sheets do hotels use?

Hotels tend to stock 200-400 thread count sheets, favoring crisp percale weaves for easy laundering and durability with constant usage. While not ultra-soft, it streamlines cleaning and replacement for constant visitor turnover.

Are Egyptian cotton sheets wrinkle resistant?

Not naturally, but some brands use special treatments and blended fabrics to help resist wrinkles in Egyptian cotton. Opt for polyester-cotton blends if wrinkles are a concern, but know added synthetics dilute the signature softness.

Make Your Bed a Soft Egyptian Cotton Haven

We hope this guide illuminated what gives Egyptian cotton sheets their cult following among discerning consumers. When crafted well from long staple fibers, woven into ideal thread counts and patterns for your preferences, Egyptian cotton bed sheets transform sleeping into a true luxury experience.

To recap our top recommendations:

  • Luxury Linens for no-compromise softness and opulent hotel-style quality
  • Mayfair Linen for more wallet-friendly Egyptian cotton luxury and a cool percale option
  • Brooklyn Bedding for ultra-indulgent softness in brushed cotton sateen
  • Peacock Alley for style-conscious shoppers wanting decorative, fashionable sheets
  • Chateau Home Collection for great budget-priced softness in Egyptian cotton

The quest for your perfect soft sheets ultimately comes down to quality over quantity. One exquisite set of Egyptian cotton sheets makes more of an impact than buying multiple cheaper sheet sets. Prioritize sensational softness, tailored fit, and durable construction built to last over everything else.

With the tips in this guide at your fingertips, you now have everything needed to start your journey towards dreamier nights enveloped in soft Egyptian cotton opulence. So go ahead – wrap yourself up in silky soft sheets and drift away to your best sleep yet. Sweet dreams!

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