Beating the Heat: My Journey to Find the Perfect Fan at Bed Bath & Beyond

How I Navigated the Massive Fan Selection at BB&B to Stay Cool This Summer

As soon as the weather started warming up this spring, I knew I needed to be prepared with some new fans for summer. My old box fans were on their last legs and just not cutting it anymore when temperatures rose. So I embarked on a mission to find the perfect new fans at my go-to home goods store, Bed Bath & Beyond (BB&B).

With such a massive selection of fans available, I wasn’t sure where to start. I went in looking for something affordable but powerful, quiet, and stylish. As a fan connoisseur on a budget, I knew BB&B would have plenty of options to choose from. But I needed to answer some key questions first.

What types of fans does Bed Bath & Beyond carry?

I was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer variety of fans at BB&B. They have every type imaginable – tower fans, pedestal fans, box fans, ceiling fans, window fans, oscillating fans, and more. Not to mention, sizes ranging from compact tabletop models to industrial strength.

Some popular styles I came across:

  • Bladeless tower fans – These cool innovations use airflow technology without visible blades. They have a super modern, minimalist look.
  • Vintage-style pedestal fans – For a retro vibe, BB&B has pedestal fans with old-fashioned details like curled grilles and period-style designs.
  • High-velocity floor fans – When you need serious power, these industrial models stand on the ground and deliver ultra-strong breeze.
  • Ceiling fans – For whole-room air circulation, BB&B has a wide selection of flush and downrod ceiling fans in all different blade spans and styles.

I was thrilled by the diverse range of fan designs at my fingertips. Now on to narrowing down my options…

How much do fans cost at Bed Bath & Beyond?

BB&B fans range greatly in price from budget-friendly to luxury splurges. Small tabletop models go for as low as $15-20. Medium-size tower and pedestal fans are typically $30 to $80. For specialty fans like bladeless towers or vintage looks, prices go up to $100-200 range. High-velocity floor fans fall in the $100-300 range. And for ceiling fans, you’re looking at anywhere from $100 for basic to $500+ for chandelier-style statement pieces.

Of course, prices fluctuate with regular sales and specials. With some savvy shopping, you can score a good deal. Which brought me to my next question…

Are there any sales or discounts on fans at Bed Bath & Beyond?

Luckily, BB&B always has some great sales running on all products, including fans. Some discounts I came across:

  • 20% off coupon for entire purchase, including fans
  • $10 off $30 purchase coupons to save on smaller fans
  • Special Buy of the Week fan deals – up to 50% off select models
  • Buy one, get one 50% off tower fan promotions
  • Free fan with qualifying purchase over $100
  • 5-20% student and teacher discounts

By downloading the BB&B app and joining their rewards program, you can take advantage of all kinds of regular fan sales and instant savings. It definitely pays to shop strategically and stack coupons when buying fans here.

Time to dig into customer reviews and start prioritizing features…

What are the top-rated fans available at Bed Bath & Beyond?

Luckily BB&B makes it easy to sort fans by bestselling and top-rated. Here are some customer favorites that stood out to me:

  • Dyson AM07 Tower Fan – Bladeless design, powerful airflow, ultra-quiet. The premium price tag reflects the quality and performance.
  • Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Fan – 17 speed settings make this a popular choice for whole room cooling power. Extremely affordable too.
  • Vornado Whole Room Air Circulator Fan – With signature Vornado vortex technology, this moved a lot of air without being noisy or bulky.
  • Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan with Remote Control – Sleek look and packed with features like oscillation, auto shut-off timer, and touch controls.
  • Rowenta Turbo Silence Stand Fan – Five whisper-quiet speeds make this a great bedroom option. The adjustable height is convenient.

Checking fan ratings helped me identify which models reliably deliver on features. Next up was considering energy efficiency.

Can I find energy-efficient fans at Bed Bath & Beyond?

Absolutely! Since fans can drive up your electricity bill when used a lot in summer, I specifically looked for energy-efficient options. Many are Energy Star certified, like these:

  • Honeywell Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan – Uses up to 35% less energy with DC motor technology.
  • Lasko Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer – High-reaching tower fan has ETL listing for low energy use.
  • Dyson AM07 Tower Fan – Bladeless design allows smooth, energy-efficient air amplification and circulation.
  • Vornado Zippi Personal Fan – Uniquely uses 80% less energy than other compact fans. Whisper-quiet too.
  • King of Fans MaxxFan Ceiling Fan – Cuts down on AC costs with massive 10-foot blade span and high-efficiency DC motor.

For the amount I plan to use my fan, energy efficiency is a priority. Good to know BB&B has great options specifically designed to save electricity.

Does Bed Bath & Beyond offer tower fans?

Tower fans are one of my go-to styles, so I was pleased to find a huge assortment of tower fans in all different sizes and designs at BB&B. Some features that caught my eye:

  • Oscillating towers – Many models have head rotation to circulate air efficiently throughout the room.
  • Bladeless towers – These innovative bladeless models provide powerful cooling airflow from a compact tower shape.
  • Towers with remote control – Adjust settings from across the room with handy remotes on select tower fans.
  • Timers – Set custom runtimes so your tower fan will shut off automatically. Some also have sleep timer modes.
  • Ionizers – For cleaner air, look for tower fans with built-in ionizers to freshen your space.
  • Touch controls – No knobs or buttons to fiddle with. Just tap the panel to adjust speeds, modes, etc.

With slim profiles ideal for tight spaces, tower fans are a winner. And with BB&B’s selection, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Are there portable fans available at Bed Bath & Beyond?

Definitely, portability is key for many people shopping for fans at BB&B. They offer a wide range of portable options perfect to move room to room or take on the go. Here are some of the portable fan picks I found:

  • O2COOL Personal Fans – Lightweight designs, necklace/clip-on styles, battery-powered options for travel
  • Vornado Compact Fans – Super portable and easy to pack away when not in use.
  • Lasko Cyclone Personal Fan – Pivoting base and carry handle for transport around the home or office.
  • Holmes Lil’ Blizzard Tabletop Fan – Great for desktop cooling and small enough to throw in a bag.
  • Dyson Cordless Fan – No cords mean you can place this rechargeable model literally anywhere.
  • Honeywell Portable Floor Fan – Though bigger than a table fan, it has wheels to roll room to room with ease.

With so many innovative portable designs, I knew I could easily find one suited for my needs at BB&B. Now to consider which brands I prefer…

What brands of fans does Bed Bath & Beyond stock?

Bed Bath & Beyond carries a stellar range of top fan brands. Some of the major names I came across in my search:

  • Dyson – Known for bladesless, futuristic designs and superb power. Worth the price tag.
  • Vornado – Offer great vortex circulation tech for whole room air movement.
  • Lasko – Reliable, affordable options across all fan categories and styles.
  • Seville Classics – Offer modern versatility from desktop to tower to pedestals.
  • Holmes – Known for portable versatility and budget-friendly prices.
  • Rowenta – Precision-engineered for performance, quality, and low noise.
  • Honeywell – Time-tested brand with energy efficiency edge.

With so many reputable options, I knew it came down to choosing features. Remote control functionality seemed useful…

Do any fans at Bed Bath & Beyond come with remote controls?

definitely one of the fan features I was interested in to allow adjusting from the comfort of my couch or bed. Many of the tower and pedestal fan models at BB&B come with remotes:

  • Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Fan – Full-function remote controls speed, oscillation, timers, etc.
  • Lasko T42951 Wind Curve Tower Fan – Remote stores neatly in back and controls multiple settings.
  • Vornado Whole Room Air Circulator Fan – The advanced remote controls air direction and 4 speed levels.
  • Holmes 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan – Remote controls the settings, oscillation, and timer.
  • Rowenta Turbo Silence Pedestal Fan – Sleek remote for adjusting 5 speeds, oscillation, and timers.

I love having the convenience of adjusting my fan’s settings without leaving my comfy spot. The remote feature definitely appealed to me for those lazy, hot days! Now onto noise levels…

Are there quiet-operating fans suitable for bedrooms at Bed Bath & Beyond?

Having a fan in the bedroom calls for an ultra-quiet model so the hum doesn’t keep me up at night. Luckily, BB&B has a great selection of whisper-quiet fans perfect for restful sleep:

  • Rowenta Turbo Silence Stand Fan – Barely a whisper on lowest of the 5 speeds.
  • Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan – Lives up to its name with virtually silent operation on lower settings.
  • Lasko Whisper-Quiet Pedestal Fan – Special SilentNight setting for white noise-free sleep.
  • Dyson AM07 Tower Fan – Aerodynamically engineered for an uninterrupted peaceful night’s rest.
  • Vornado Zippi Personal Fan – Its tiny size produces only the faintest hum.

With these whisper-quiet options, I can let a soothing breeze lull me to sleep without any distracting fan drone disrupting my slumber.

Can I find oscillating fans at Bed Bath & Beyond?

Oscillation is definitely a standard feature I’m looking for in my fan to evenly distribute air throughout the room. Bed Bath & Beyond has a great assortment of oscillating options:

  • Lasko T42954 Wind Curve Tower Fan – Widesweeping oscillation and widespread reach.
  • Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan – Unique Vortex circulation sends air in all directions.
  • Seville Classics UltraSlimline Oscillating Tower Fan – Super slim profile oscillates 180 degrees.
  • Holmes Lil’ Blizzard 8-Inch Oscillating Table Fan – Compact and mighty with horizontal and vertical oscillation.
  • Rowenta Turbo Silence Oscillating Fan – Moves loads of air at high speed with its 16-inch head rotation.

Oscillating function is a must to maximize air circulation. With the choices at BB&B, I can find my perfect air-moving machine. Now for sizes…

What are the size options for fans at Bed Bath & Beyond?

One advantage of shopping BB&B’s extensive fan selection is the multitude of sizes available. They have truly miniature options to industrial giants:

  • Compact Personal Fans – clipping to desks, tables, and laptops at under 5 inches.
  • Small Tabletop Fans – between 5-10 inches for desktops and shelves.
  • Mid-size Tower Fans – typically 25-55 inches tall for room circulation.
  • Large Floor and Pedestal Fans – up to 20 inches wide and over 5 feet tall.
  • Oversized High-Velocity Fans – 30+ inch heads and standing over 6 feet deliver major airflow.
  • Giant Ceiling Fans – massive spans of 52, 56, 60+ inches for giant rooms.

With this kind of range, I’m positive I can find the perfect size to meet my space and power needs at Bed Bath & Beyond. Speaking of spaces…

How do I choose the right fan for my room size at Bed Bath & Beyond?

The fan experts at BB&B helped explain how to select the ideal fan based on room dimensions. Some general guidelines:

  • Small rooms under 100 sq ft – compact personal and mini table fans.
  • Medium rooms 100-150 sq ft – mid-size tower and pedestal fans around 3-4 ft tall.
  • Large rooms 150-250 sq ft – full-size towers 4-5 ft tall or powerful floor fans.
  • Extra large 250+ sq ft – oversized floor and industrial fans or big ceiling fans.

Measure your room size and consider factors like ceiling height. In general, a fan around 3-4 ft tall can properly circulate air in rooms up to 150 sq ft. Go bigger for larger spaces.

This info helped me determine the best fan capacity to effectively cool my bedroom for optimal comfort all summer long! As long as it’s not a ceiling fan…

Does Bed Bath & Beyond sell ceiling fans?

They sure do! While I ruled a ceiling fan out for my bedroom, BB&B has a gorgeous selection if you’re looking to install one. Features I came across:

  • Flushmount ceiling fans – sleek, modern, and hug the ceiling.
  • Downrod ceiling fans – suspended further down on a rod for optimal airflow.
  • Indoor and outdoor ceiling fan options – wet-rated for patios and covered spaces.
  • Smart ceiling fans – WiFi-enabled for voice control, scheduling, etc.
  • Different blade counts – typically 3, 4, or 5 blades. More blades mean more air circulation.
  • Wide variety of styles – traditional, modern, rustic, nautical, statement-making, and more unique options.
  • Light kits – many ceiling fans feature built-in light fixtures for a 2-in-1 upgrade.

While not right for my current needs, it’s good to know BB&B has every ceiling fan under the sun! Got me thinking though…

Can I order fans online from Bed Bath & Beyond?

Absolutely! One of the things I appreciate about Bed Bath & Beyond is their omni-channel approach. If I came across a fan I loved in-store that wasn’t in stock, for example, I could easily order it on their website for delivery.

BB&B’s online selection pretty much mirrors their in-store options, so I can shop from home without having to set foot in a store. Their website and apps make it easy to:

  • Browse an even wider range of fans if I can’t find quite what I want locally.
  • Check stock and availability in nearby stores for quick in-store pickup.
  • Take advantage of online-only deals and discounts.
  • Read reviews from other shoppers before purchasing.
  • Track pricing history and potential upcoming sales.

No matter if I buy online, in-store, or a combo, BB&B has me covered with flexible omni-channel options. Good to know in case my chosen fan is out of stock at my local store! Which reminds me…

What is the return policy on fans at Bed Bath & Beyond?

One final thing I made sure to understand was BB&B’s return policy, just in case a fan didn’t work out as hoped once I got it home. Thankfully, they have a great policy:

  • 1 year return window – Plenty of time for “try outs” at home.
  • Return to any store – Doesn’t have to be the original purchase location.
  • Free and easy returns – No dealing with shipping boxes back.
  • Original payment method refund – Money back on my debit card, for example.
  • Packaging not required – Can even return it open box and used!

Knowing I have a year to decide risk-free definitely gives me peace of mind with a big purchase like a fan. I’m covered if it underperforms or I change my mind.

After weighing all my options, it was time to make my pick…I ultimately chose the Seville Classics UltraSlimline 17″ Oscillating Tower Fan for its combo of cooling power, small footprint, ultra-quiet operation and reasonable price. For less than $70, it has everything I need to stay comfortable this summer!

I’m glad I took the time to explore all aspects – from types and features to sizes, brands, and policies – to determine the best fan for my needs this hot season. With their unmatched selection, Bed Bath & Beyond made it easy to tackle my fan-buying mission. I’m set to breeze through the summer in cool comfort thanks to my BB&B purchase!

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